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September 14, 2022

How Thousands of Homeowners Are Installing Luxury Fiberglass Pools in 5-6 Weeks

Are you wondering how other homeowners in your neighborhood are installing their pools in no time? Well, you can also get your dream pool installed within a short time frame by hiring professional fiberglass swimming pool installers. You can try to search for “fiberglass pool installers near me”, but why would you when our experts at Seasonal Concepts have your back? With a fiberglass pool, patio, and landscaping can take an average of 5 to 6 weeks to complete. Let’s walk you through the process.

Site preparation 

Our pool builders can begin to prepare your swimming pool site after obtaining the required permits. These permits and building codes might differ depending on location and your swimming pool installer can acquire the right permits for your Chicagoland pool. 

The building experts lay out the area where your swimming pool will be installed by marking the dimensions. They can use spray paint or a dig print to outline the size and shape of your swimming pool.  If there are any utilities on your swimming pool site, your swimming pool installer will mark the area or relocate the utilities to avoid interfering with the project. 

The layout of your pool will depend on the type, size, and design of the pool shell. Your pool could be in-ground, semi-in-ground, free-form, or linear, among others. We also consider the size and thickness of your patio during the layout process.

Digging and excavation 

After your swimming pool is properly laid out, your swimming pool builder will begin digging and excavating to create room for your fiberglass pool. The experts will use the dig sheet to determine the exact depth of your swimming pool. 

At Seasonal Concepts, we use high-grade excavation equipment to hasten the process and ensure precision. Our swimming pool experts will dig carefully and methodically to ensure they achieve the right dimensions for your pool. 

We can expand the dimensions slightly to create room for backfill. When digging, your swimming pool installer will ensure the hole is compacted to reduce settling. 

Preparing the base 

Once the digging is complete, your swimming pool installation experts will prepare the base of your swimming pool. The base is prepared to create a level, stable, and firm surface for your pool to settle on. 

The base also minimizes the settling of soil and leaking, which might damage the pool. Your expert can use sand or gravel as the base material. 

The thickness of your fiberglass swimming pool will depend on the type of soil on your property. For instance, sandy soil might settle more than clay soil. If your soil is sandy, your swimming pool builder might lay a thicker base to prevent settling.  

Installation of the pool 

Your swimming pool experts can now install your pool after compacting and leveling the base. The swimming pool shell is carefully lifted by a crane and lowered into the hole. The pool builders ensure that your pool is secured using lifting straps, guide stakes, string lines, and other equipment. 

Once the pool is safely secured in the hole, your experts can use laser levels to ensure that your swimming pool is level. They can also walk on the base of your pool to ensure there are no bumps or voids. The professionals can inspect the steps, ledges, benches, curves, and corners to ensure that your pool is level. 

Plumbing and electrical installation 

If your pool is level, your swimming pool builders can begin working on your plumbing and electrical connections. The experts will run your electrical wires and install a plumbing system to ensure your pool functions effectively. 

Your professionals will install a pool filter and a pool pump. The pool filter will get rid of debris from your swimming pool while the pool pump will effectively pump water into your swimming pool. Your pool specialist can properly fit a skimmer and install return jets and piping. 

They will also fit an equipment pad to secure the heater, pump, filter, and electrical connections. In case of additional connections, your expert can readily handle the installation. 

Adding water and backfilling 

After the plumbing and electrical work are complete, your swimming pool specialist will fill your pool with water while adding backfill material between your pool and the excavation hole. The backfill material can be sand, gravel, crusher dust, cement, or a mixture of different materials. 

The backfill material helps level your fiberglass pool and hold it firmly into place for maximum stability. Your expert will simultaneously add water and backfill to ensure proper outward and inward pressure. 

For instance, your swimming pool builder can add 6 inches of water to the pool and 6 inches of backfill material to ensure equal pressure on both sides.

Your pool specialist will alternate between backfilling and adding water till the process is complete. They will ensure that no space is left between the pool walls and the excavation hole. 

Coping and patio installation  

At this stage, your fiberglass pool is almost complete. The pool experts will install your pool’s coping by pouring concrete around the shell. The coping will prevent water from leaking into the soil and add aesthetic value to your home. 

After securing the coping, your experts can install a patio from the material and design of your choice. Some of the patio design options you can select from include:

  • Standard concrete
  • Stamped concrete 
  • Pavers 
  • Exposed aggregate 
  • Natural stone 

Whether you choose standard concrete or decorative concrete, your pool installation expert can install your patio within a short period preferably within 2 to 3 days. They can also install pool accessories like handrails, deck jets, ladders, and more depending on your requirements. 

Your swimming pool builder can also erect a fence after your patio installation is complete to enhance safety and privacy. 

Within 5-6 weeks, you could be looking at your newly installed fiberglass swimming pool patio. Hire Seasonal Concepts, a professional and reliable swimming pool installer, to handle your project. We know how and when to handle each step of your swimming pool installation project. We also have the right equipment to ensure faster project completion. If you require more assistance, get in touch with us today. 


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