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Landscape Lighting

If you own or manage a commercial property, landscape lighting can help improve safety and security as well as enhance the look and feel of your property. Studies have shown a direct correlation between good lighting and reductions in crime, both in commercial and residential areas. Lighting removes shadows where criminals can hide and makes tenants and visitors more comfortable and aware of their surroundings. It also helps illuminate walkways to limit potential trip and fall hazards and their related liability.

Landscape lighting can also transform your property into a more inviting environment. Whether you manage a multi-family residential complex, a homeowners association, hotel, retail center, or office complex, good lighting can have a positive effect, making your property feel welcoming and encouraging visitors to spend time outside.

Many styles of lighting fixtures and different placements of lights can be used to add the most value to your property. Path lighting provides safety, while uplighting might be used to highlight a dramatic sculpture, tree or living wall.

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