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Athletc Field Maintenance

Athletic field installation and maintenance for all sports. Soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields playgrounds.

Maintaining sports fields with the high standards of players, coaches and parents is almost an impossible task with today’s budget shortfalls. In the last few years we have seen almost every type of service cut back on or completely removed from budget consideration. The results have been devastating to fields that once were pristine and to most, the defining element to what ‘home field’ advantage actually is.

Whether you are in little league, a high school standout or on a recreational league, you typically pay something for that privilege. We still believe the ‘little things’ can make a big difference. We know there is not enough money to fix everything but, we want to help you maximize your funds and find that Pride that goes with your home field. Putting together an annual program that focuses on your goals and finding the way to stay within a budget, all while improving and enhancing, is the backbone to our custom programs.

Sports field management does not stop with what is on the fields. While most may think the aesthetic beauty lies in how detailed the grass may look, we offer numerous services that incorporate the big picture into your programs. That picture includes the basics but also incorporates the safety of the fields or location. That may lie in holes or raised lips on the baseball fields, a torn or downed safety net or burned out lighting. Fence caps can get overlooked and bad plates may go unnoticed. While most safety issues are not ignored intentionally, we want to make sure we do our part in maintaining a safe environment for players and fans alike.

No matter what size of outdoor facility you have or would like to have, call the experts at 630-302-1009 to schedule a consultation.

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