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September 14, 2022

Do You Recognize The 3 Early Warning Signs of Buying an Expensive Pool?

Buying a swimming pool in Chicagoland can provide additional comfort and luxury to you and your family. However, this comfort might come at a relatively high cost. Without careful planning and contemplation, you might feel shortchanged in the end. At Seasonal Concepts, we can help you recognize the early warning signs of buying an expensive pool to guide you in making the right decision. 

Hidden costs

A swimming pool installation project can have several hidden costs that you had previously not accounted for. Larger swimming pools, in particular, can have various hidden costs making the project more expensive in the long run. 

You might overlook the cost of electrical connections needed to effectively run your pool. For instance, some pool equipment might need electricity to run. Similarly, your pool lighting will require electricity to function effectively. The more complex your swimming pool is, the more electrical connections are required.

Landscaping and plumbing might also contribute to the hidden costs of your swimming pool installation. Your swimming pool installer might need to install extensive plumbing connections to cater to your pool’s water supply and keep your pool running. 

Extensive digging and excavation during pool installation can affect your landscape which might require you to invest more in repairs. For instance, if your lawn is damaged during the swimming pool installation, you might have to invest in landscaping services to restore the curb appeal of your Illinois home. 

Swimming pool installation requires excavation to make room for your pool. Your pool installation project might not include dirt hauling, which can lead to more expenses. In some cities, dirt hauling can be costly. 

In Chicago, Illinois hauling a truckload of dirt costs between $400 and $600, which can differ depending on the amount of dirt excavated. A larger pool could mean more dirt and, therefore, more expenses.  

You might not discover that you need fencing around your pool until it is completed. Fences can be a significant hidden expense that is necessary to enhance the safety of your family or friends. A bigger pool might require a larger fence perimeter, which would lead to more expenses. 

Before buying your pool, you should consider taking into account all the possible hidden costs to avoid going over the set budget. You can also hire a professional and reliable swimming pool installer who can explain all the details before your project begins. You can compare different installers by searching for “pool builders near me”.

Rough terrain

Rough terrain can affect the cost of your swimming pool installation. Professionals might be forced to increase their costs due to the difficulty of excavating and digging your land. A rocky and uneven landscape might require more advanced equipment to successfully install your swimming pool. High-grade equipment could mean more installation costs that you might not have planned for.  

The excavation process could also take longer on rocky ground compared to a smooth one. This could lead to increased labor costs, especially if your swimming pool installers charge on a duration basis. For instance, in case your swimming pool builders charge on a daily or monthly basis, you might be required to pay more since they might spend extra days digging your rocky terrain.

If your landscape is hilly or your swimming pool installers might need to achieve the right slope for your swimming pool, which could increase the labor costs. Installing plumbing and electrical connections in rough terrains might also be difficult and lead to more expenses. 

It can be difficult to tell whether your terrain is fit for a pool installation since you might not have the expertise. Therefore, when more terrain costs are added to your budget, it could cause inconveniences and make your swimming pool installation costs escalate. You could try to consult a landscaping expert before selecting a swimming pool location. 

In case you have a large portion of land, your landscaping expert can help you select the most suitable location for your swimming pool installation. You can also invest in a swimming pool that does not require extensive digging. For instance, an above-ground swimming pool might be a more suitable option compared to an in-ground pool

Increased Maintenance

How expensive could it be to maintain a swimming pool? After all the hard part is finally over. The installation phase could be over, but you need to maintain and care for your swimming pool. 

A swimming pool is an ongoing expense and it might be expensive to maintain a complex swimming pool. For instance, if your pool is huge, it might require more water and electricity, increasing your utility bills. Additional features like hot water baths, waterfalls, water jets, and more could contribute to your increased utility bills. 

The water in your pool also needs to be treated regularly requiring chemicals or specialized equipment to do so. In this case, you can hire a professional to perform routine inspections, clean and treat your water, check electrical connections, and more. 

Paying maintenance professionals can be expensive in the long run especially if your pool has special features that need more attention and extra care. Some swimming pool chemicals like saltwater can corrode your filters, heaters, or pumps, which would lead to more expenses incurred in replacing these elements. 

The type of swimming pool material can also influence the amount of maintenance needed. For instance, your concrete swimming pool might require more maintenance compared to a vinyl or fiberglass one. You might need to invest in acid washing and refinishing for your concrete pool. 

Consider buying a low-maintenance and manageable swimming pool. You can also try to replace some high-maintenance features with relatively medium-range maintenance features.  

Noticing the early warning signs of buying an expensive pool can help you plan accordingly. You don't want to do something that will burden you in the future or continue to inconvenience you. Working with a good pool company such as seasonal Concepts can help you make the necessary amendments to avoid costly mistakes in the future. We help you understand hidden costs that can increase maintenance costs. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. 


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