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While the bulk of our work has fallen within the Landscape and Property Management definitions, we have also expanded into the Hotel Renovation business over the last 7 years.

Our strengths come from the way we are able to manage the project and the ability to work as a whole with the Owners and GM’s. We realize that the facility will remain open and we will literally need to be as invisible as one could possibly be. One of our strongest aspects of what we do is simply being able to problem solve. It is a given that there will be design errors or issues with deliveries. We pride ourselves on a vast network of friends and colleagues in various fields that we are able to use as resources as needed.

From basic construction services, to mold remediation or the ability to engineer a drawing as quickly as possible for approval – we have not seen it ALL, but we have seen A LOT!! Our goal is always the quality of the finished product AND to finish on schedule. We do know that time is money, and understand the unwritten rules of renovation. Our services range from simple to complex --- whether it is basic demo with whole room renovations (VCW, carpet, paint and FFE) or major structural changes (shoring, structural steel or manufactured headers, welding, etc.) we have done it all and everything in between. Pool refinishing, coping replacement or overlays as well. We are able to warehouse products and do what we need to make the project a success.


This is back to the basics for us – but we use a more meticulous planning regimen to make sure there are no hiccups with the projects. To sealcoat a parking lot that needs to be open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week is a trick. We understand the needs of Management and know how to expedite the services to complete these projects on time with minimal guest disturbance. Windows need to be caulked, gutters may need to be fixed, or balconies repainted. Earn Green Credit with LED upgrades – watch how the investments pay for themselves in months instead of years, bulb or fixture replacements, and other safety issues are part of our maintenance capacity. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your property in “like new” condition. Parking lots are huge assets – we can show you how to get the most out of your investments and implement these practices into your maintenance policy. The elements, including winter, do not have to be so damaging. We can regulate deicing chemicals without increasing liability or damaging the landscape. We will increase your bottom line as well --- and that is something you can take to the bank!!

Hotel Indigo -- Palatine
Embassy Suites – Lombard
Residence Inn – Bloomingdale
Hampton Inn – Naperville
Courtyard by Marriott – Bloomingdale
Hampton Inn – Madison Heights, MI
Hampton Inn -- Northville, Mi
Pottawattamie Resort – St. Joseph, MI
Chicago Marriott – O’Hare -- Chicag

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Anyone Can Push Snow Around...

Safety, Safety, Safety

By Tony Sindt | 12/15/2017

By Tony Sindt | 05/09/2014

Snow is on the way and being that this is the winter season of Seasonal Concepts, Inc. Snow removal is our focus, both commercial and residential.

Nobody likes to get hurt, either as an athletic participant, or as a spectator. Practically every sport played on an athletic field has some level of risk associated with it, and while a hundred percent safety can't be guaranteed, it can be maximized.

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